Geschichte der Frühen Neuzeit




Elisa Frei (Bolzano): "Outpouring of hearts on fire": Italian Jesuits yearning for the Indies (XVII-XVIII centuries)

Vortrag im Rahmen des Oberseminars Frühe Neuzeit


jesuits_130x100_neuThe Jesuit archive in Rome possesses more than 14,000 petitions that European Jesuits wrote directly to their Superior general to request a missionary assignment in the "Indies", and are therefore called litterae indipetae. The seminar will show the relevance for global and cultural history of these sources, which furthermore allow to recapture the thoughts and emotions of once-forgotten individuals. Also, examined in the context of other archival documents, the petitions for the Indies expose a surprising network of personal correspondence—between the single Jesuits, their local superiors, their relatives and ultimately the Superior general in Rome.


  • Zeit: 16-18 Uhr c.t.
  • Ort: Historicum, Raum K 026