Geschichte der Frühen Neuzeit




Felicia Gottmann (University of Dundee): Migration and Expertise: The Integration of, and Knowledge Transfer by, Skilled Cross-Cultural Migrants in the Early Modern Period

Vortrag im Rahmen des Oberseminars Frühe Neuzeit



 tipu-tiger.130This talk presents the first outline of a new global history project on skilled migration in the early modern world which will study the interlinkages of migration, technological innovation, and knowledge transfer by investigating the conditions for, and obstacles to, the successful application and diffusion of the knowledge and skills brought by immigrant experts in the early modern world, specifically including non-elite, non-European, and female migrants. Comparative across time and space it will contrast colonial and metropolitan case-studies from Britain, France, the Indian and the German princely states in the period 1680 to 1790, focussing on the most innovative manufacturing industries of the time which had close ties both to formal scientific enquiry and to state-support schemes in an age when nascent industrialisation coincided with interstate rivalries.


  • Zeit: 16-18 Uhr c.t.
  • Ort: Historicum, Raum K 226