Geschichte der Frühen Neuzeit




The history of the world [...]

The || history || of the || world, || in || five books. || The First, || Intreating of the Beginning and First Ages of the fame, from the || Creation unto Abraham. || The Second, || Of the Times from the Birth of Abraham to the Destruction of || the Temple of Salomon. || The Third, || From the Destruction of Jerusalem to the Time of Philip of || Macedon. || The Fourth, || From the Reign of Philip of Macedon, to the Establishing || of that Kingdom in the Race of Antigonos. || The Fifth, From the settled Rule of Alexander's Successors in the East, || until the Romans (prevailing over all) made Conquest of || Asia and Macedon. || By Sir Walter Raleigh, Knight. || Whereunto is added in this Edition, the || Life and Tryal of the Author. London: Thomas Basset et al., 1687.

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Erscheinungsjahr: 1687